About Fooquo

fooquo is a new, innovative and flexible tool whose aim is to structure and optimise the connection between Suppliers and professional food buyers without intermediaries.

This is a system focused on improving the productivity of the sales and purchasing departments within the food sector. One of its objectives is to standardise and optimise the search process and scope for large accounts, so that everyone can centre their resources on what is most important: Service.

It is aimed at helping suppliers export, expanding the network of foreign buyers.

It expects to achieve the optimisation of food use, creating the tool “Donation”, which facilitates communication between large food industries and Food Banks.

Its Goal

fooquo’s objective is to become the attracting and optimising reference tool for people involved in the Food sector.

It allows users to save two increasingly scarce resources within organisations: time and money.

Allowing food suppliers to reach new business opportunities, identifying trends in the demand to consequently update and remove extra stock with as little effort and cost as possible.

Letting food buyers find new products and/or suppliers in a simple and fast way, with the conditions that best adapt to everyone’s needs.


In order to achieve its objectives, the tool is focused in 3 fundamental bases:

1· Being used by the best suppliers in the market:

· National and international Manufacturers, Farmers, Importers and Distributors, trained and motivated to offer their products to large accounts in the sector.

· Directory of suppliers which is specialised, complete and segmented, constantly updated.

2· Being used by the main buyers in the market:

· Retail companies, commercial and collective restoration, Hotels, Purchase centres, Leisure, Transport and Wholesale.

· Specialised, complete, segmented and continuously updated large buyers network.

3. Its powerful tools being used for quickly and efficiently connecting buyers and suppliers:

· Creating powerful and simple tools focused on food, to allow everyone to communicate and connect very fast and thus generate business opportunities within the best conditions:

1. Requests for quotation
2. Market offers
3. Market reports
4. Donations