¿What is fooquo?

 fooquo is a B2B tool specialised in food and developed for companies with a high level of consumption and organised sales departments.

Connect to whoever you want, without intermediaries

Requests for quotation Market offers Donations

What does fooquo offer me as a Buyer and what are its advantages?

  • I can perform requests for quotation directly to the Providers, increasing my network when quickly identifying who best adapts to my needs.
  • ensure my privacy.
  • receive stock release offers if I wish to.
  • donate products to Food Banks.

Request for quotation

What does it offer me as a Buyer and what are its advantages?

  • I can contact Providers directly, the ones I work with or new ones, without intermediaries.
  • increase my search through the powerful sector database.
  • invite my own Providers.
  • have permanent control of the person who receive the information.
  • identify the best options thanks to my filters, the easy reading system and homogeneous and perfectly comparable information regarding each offer to my Request.

Market Offers

What does it offer me as a Buyer and what are its advantages?

  • I only receive stock release offers for those products I consider interesting for my company.
  • I receive a single e-mail with a summary of the market offers I am interested in which have been published the day before, and which I can access from my profile.
  • If I find a Market Offer of my interest, I just need to contact the Provider who sent it, without intermediaries.


I have stock of a product I know is not going to be released?

  • From fooquo I can directly contact Food Banks, it is fast, and allows me to save in stock and destruction costs, but most importantly, I help those who most need it.


fooquo is the online tool which focuses in the food industry, enabling key account Buyers to directly contact qualified Providers of the sector. fooquo is not an intermediary. This is a direct connection application that is not at all involved in relationships or processes between companies. Fooquo will never charge commission on trading transactions generated by its use.
No. The registration is free of charge and commitments.
fooquo makes a complete and updated database available, with Providers I can communicate my needs to. fooquo allows me to invite my most loyal Providers, registration is completely free for them. fooquo includes a specific form through which I can provide Providers with all the information they need, avoiding inefficient exchange of information and allowing for a homogeneous reading of all received offers at the end of the process. Moreover, if I wish to, I can receive market Offers from Providers, making the most of market opportunities without any extra effort.
I can develop my business relationships with national and international Providers from the food industry: Agricultures, Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers. If I wish to, I can grant my Providers access to the tool so that they can participate from my Requests for quotation and share Market offers with me.
Yes. The contact details provided are never used for commercial purposes.
Yes. Before sending a Request for quotation, I will be able to see the list of Providersthat can offer the products requested and then I will make my selection.
To request access, I must click on Create a Buyer account, and complete the information related to my company. The process takes no more than a few minutes and is free of charge. I send my registration request and wait for fooquo to accept it. If my request is accepted, I will receive a welcome email with the access codes to my personal profile.