¿What is fooquo?

fooquo is a B2B tool focused on foodstuffs, and aimed at farmers, manufacturers, distributors, importers and other suppliers within the sector.

Get in touch with key account buyers without intermediaries

Request for quotation Market offers Competitiveness Reports Donations

What does fooquo offer me as a Supplier and what are its advantages?

  • Access to Requests for quotation from key accounts in the sector. The users are business and corporate catering companies, retail, purchasing networks, distributors or exporters. Companies with high retail volume and organized purchasing departments.
  • Provide an outlet for surplus stock through Market Offers.
  • Analyse the evolution and positioning of my company in relation to my sector through the tool’s Competitiveness Reports.
  • Donate products to Food Banks.

Request for quotation

What does it offer me as a Supplier and what are its advantages?

  • I receive Requests for quotation from key accounts buyers without intermediaries for those products my company offers.
  • I get all the information I need to offer my products at the right time : type of delivery, characteristics of the desired products, consumption, formats, delivery points with logistical limitations, etc.
  • My product is not only a Price .fooquo places more than 20 variables at my disposal, through which I am able to inform the added value of the products that I offer.
  • If I have some options that I believe can meet the needs of the Buyer I am also able to provide them.

Market Offers

What does it offer me as a Supplier and what are its advantages?

  • I send my stock release offers directly to key account buyers, without intermediaries.
  • I increase my output chances through its powerful sector database.
  • I have permanent control over the information, deciding who I can sent it to.

Competitiveness Reports

What does it offer me as a Supplier and what are its advantages?

  • Fooquo reports allow me, among other things, to know which company profile is sought by large Buyers ,how attractive my company and my products are and where I stand regarding my overall market.
  • In addition, I am able to see which product sub-families ,temperatures or processing types are the most requested by the categories I deal with and thus better plan my future strategy . See sample Report


Do I have stock of a product I know will not be released?

  • From fooquo I can directly contact Food Banks .It is fast and allows me to save costs regarding stock and destruction costs, but most importantly, I help those who most need it.


fooquo is an online tool which focuses in the food industry, enabling qualified Suppliers of the sector to directly connect with key account Buyers. fooquo is not an intermediary. This is a direct connection application that is not at all involved in relationships or processes between companies. Fooquo will not charge commission on trading transactions generated by its use.
No. The registration is free of charge and commitments.
fooquo gives me the opportunity to receive Requests for quotation from key account Buyers directly to my mailbox so that I am able to carry out my deals at the right time. It also enables me to perform market Offers to Buyers of my choice, to quickly get rid of surplus stock. Finally, I have market reports available that allow me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my company in order to enhance its competitiveness.
I have the chance to obtain business opportunities with high purchase volume companies from various sectors within the food industry: Retail, corporate catering, business catering, Hotels, Purchasing networks, Leisure, Wholesale, Industrial.
The contact details provided will never be used for commercial purposes, and will exclusively be provided to large buyers who use the Software
All quotation requests received will compulsorily be accompanied of the applicant’s company name. You will always know who you are about to offer your products to.
fooquo’s goal is to enable you to offer your products to all the big companies in the food sector at the right time, with the possibility of communicating the added value of your products and company through the more than 20 variables the application offers. Besides, I can always offer alternatives to the product requested by the Buyer. In this way, the competitiveness of my offers is not only measured by the price but also by its quality and service level.
Yes. Before sending my Market offer, I view the list of purchasing companies which are interested in receiving this type of offer for my product family.
To apply for registration, click on Create a Provider account, and complete the information related to my company. The process is free of charge and takes no more than a few minutes. Send the registration request and wait for fooquo to accept it. If your request is accepted, you will receive a welcome email with the access codes to your personal profile.